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Replace damaged hardwood with restored antique boards

Before tearing out antique hardwood floors that are old and damaged, talk to J H Flooring Inc. about repair and restoration. Based on our more than 30 years of experience, we resuscitate dilapidated floors to look as good as new.

To match the aesthetic qualities and custom patterns of your existing floors, we scour the countryside to reclaim wood from old buildings. We repurpose that wood to repair commercial and residential hardwood floors.

Restore your floor!

Patching an antique hardwood floor is like closing a deep wound with tape. We fix floors the right way.


To restore the integrity of your hardwood floors, we:

Trust an antique floor expert

• Colors, styles, stains, and species

• Custom floor design

• Durable hardwoods and finishes




Contact us to schedule a consultation and ask about our FREE estimates!

Call today:

• Pull up and remill the wood

• Replace subflooring

• Level the beams

• Sand, stain, and refinish

• Install remilled wood

Experience quality workmanship and historical accuracy in all we do.


We do insurance claim estimates, too!

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